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detailed information: www.kinderuni.at

During the summer project »Vienna Children’s University«, which has been organised and coordinated by the Children’s Office every year since 2003, the gates of the university are open to 4,000 children between the ages  7 and 12 for two weeks. Initially, Vienna Children’s University was held only at the University of Vienna, but in the meantime, the Medical University of Vienna, the Vienna University of Technology, the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna, the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna, the FH Campus Vienna and the Vienna University of Economics and Business have joined in.

Vienna Children’s University is the first and most comprehensive children’s university in Austria. Its concept has helped developing other children’s universities, both in Austria and abroad. What's special about this concept („the Viennese model“) is that children aren’t only able to participate in more than 400 lectures and workshops, but also have personal contact with researchers and experience the university with all its aspects: the record of studies, student ID, lunch at the cafeteria, and finally the graduation ceremony.

Diversity is one of the main goals of Vienna Children’s University. Diversity is not only represented through the range of disciplines offered (all fields of study are represented), but also in the methodic and pedagogical formats, from lectures to workshops, excursions and tutorials. Specific targeting of children who have little access to university is also part of diversity. Vienna Children’s University is a project FOR children and together  with children.

Vienna Children’s University is meant to be fun for children and researchers, its motto is still:
„We’ll turn university upside down!“

Further information (in German) at: www.kinderuni.at

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