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History - About Us

On January 1st, 2006, the Kinderbüro Universität Wien GmbH was founded as a non-profit limited company and as a subsidiary of the  Innovationszentrum Universität Wien GmbH.

But the history of the Children’s Office is a little longer than that,...

In 1998/99, under the then research minister Dr. Caspar Einem, a cataologue of measures for the advancement of women in research was formulated, the "Weißbuch zur Förderung von Frauen in der Wissenschaft". One of the aims of this measure catalogue was to facilitate the reconciliation of a career in research with child care duties (which often are in the hands of women). At the time, a wish for special child care contact points at universities was expressed.   

With budget funds from the ministry in the extent of 10,000 Austrian Schilling (720 Euros), a child care contact point by the name of „Children’s Office“ was launched in June 2001 at the University of Vienna, as a project of ao. Univ. Prof. Dr. Gabriele Moser, then vice-rector.
In 2002, the Children’s Office was put on a broader basis through funding as an inter-university project over a period of three years by the ESF (European Social Fund), the bm:bwk and the University of Vienna.

In November 2003, the Children’s Office moved from its small one-room office to its new premises, which are still in use today, and which made it possible to establish a flexible child care facility and the parent’s room.

With Vienna Children’s University, which had been conceived originally as a holiday child care project, and which grew yearly, the Children’s Office grew as well. Soon the team of the Children’s Office was enlarged, and the field of activities became more comprehensive.

Since January 1st, 2006, the Children’s Office has been an independent institution in the form of a non-profit limited company, which implements projects in the three thematic fields of Child & Care, Compatibility & Diversity, and Research & Communication, and realises those projects and develops them further in the forms of Net & Work and Project & Idea.