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The UniClub is a programme for minors starting at the age of 13, who are interested in Vienna’s university and want to have a peek into the daily life of a scientist, student and graduate. We offer Workshops, guided university tours, excursion to workspaces of alumni and science camps. Thus, they can…

gain insight into the PROFESSIONAL FIELD of alumni of the University of Vienna,
... get an idea of different DISCIPLIES OF STUDIES and RESEARCH,
... discover the UNIVERSITY OF VIENNA from the inside,
... and they are strengthened personally as well as for their future career by their experiences they gain in the group.

Every minor starting from age 13 who is interested in the University of Vienna is welcome to join. Preferred are those whose family members haven’t completed a study in Austria.

The participation is free of charge and you can join at any time.

For any further Information regarding this project visit the UniClub website (in German).

E: info[at]uniclub.at
M: 0664/8867-2337
T: 01/4277-24227

The project is an addition and widening to the concept of the “Vienna Children’s University” as well as the “Children’s University on Tour” targeting educationally disadvantaged children and young people.

UniClub plus

In response to the refugee situation in Austria, the concept of “UniClub” was enlarged in fall 2015. Many children and young people were forced to leave their home countries due to different reasons.  The possibilities within the educational system for young people from the age of 15 years upwards are very limited, as for them school attendance is not compulsory anymore. Minors who are older than 15 often have difficulties to catch up on the educational experiences and interest they had before they left their home country. Also many who are very fluent in German have the need to train their language abilities and improve their technical vocabulary, due to missing knowledge in specific topics

UniClub Plus seeks to address the above mentioned needs. Thus, UniClubplus opens its doors twice a week. UniClub plus gives young adults the opportunity to go after their interests, no matter if its physics, math, or history. There the young people have the possibility to improve their German language skills, but can also participate in Workshops. UniClub Plus creates a space for meeting and exchange.
At the UniClub Plus they can get to know the University of Vienna and learn more about studying. The project UniClub Plus is organized by the children’s office and started on the 6th of October 2015. This offer is additional to the programme of UniClub. Furthermore a study buddy programme for individual support – including accompanying advice for students and young refugees – was established.