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Team members on maternity or educational leave

Elisabeth Anderl

Cultural and social anthropologist
For the Children’s Office: webmaster of www.demokratiewebstatt.at, participation in scientific activities

E elisabeth.anderl[at]univie.ac.at

Carina Bauer-Unzeitig

social worker, Pedagogue
For the Children’s Office:
Flying Nanny Project coordination, company contact person

E carina.bauer-unzeitig(at)univie.ac.at  

Nazan Eroglu

Social pedagogue, Communication science, Experienced in editorial assistance, promotions work and pedagogue
For the Children’s Office:  "A1 Internet für Alle" -  Tour

E nazan.eroglu(at)univie.ac.at

Annika Gober-Dautz

trained early years teacher, specialist in early childhood development
For the Children´s Office: early years teacher at the Nursery "Forscherflöhe"

Katharina Klima

Pedagogue, trained child carer
For the Children’s Office: carer at the Child’s Room "Staunemäuse"

E katarina.leitner[at]univie.ac.at

Ermina Klokic

Student of Law, Pedagogue, long-time experienced Flying Nanny team leader
For the Children’s Office: Support for Flying Nanny Project

E: ermina.klokic[at]univie.ac.at

Patrick Korber

Didactics of Computer Sciences and International Development. Experienced in youth work.
For the Children’s Office: Media coach „A1 Internet für Alle“, Concepts and Newsletter

E patrick.korber[at]univie.ac.at 

Marie Isabelle Koppensteiner

Trained early years teacher, specialist in early childhood development. Sport scientist (in training)

For the Children’s Office: early years teacher at the Nursery "Haus der Neugierdsnasen"

Anna Rokop

nutritional scientist, experience in Diversity Mangaement
for the Children´s Office: project support, webmaster,  Sicherheitsvertrauensperson

E anna.rokop(a)univie.ac.at