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The Idea

The Vienna University Children’s Office has been active in the field of science communication, education and caring for children and teens.

Next to many projects like Vienna Children´s University, Children’s University on Tour, UniClub and Flying Nanny we are also responsible for 5 Day Care Centers on 3 different locations.

Much fundamental knowledge paired with a network of cooperation with partners, who are university in or extern. All of this has been built up the last 10 years.

Now we want to pass on to you this expertise in a professional way.

Courses Formates

We offer presentations, seminars and workshops. Our themes are oriented on current events from the practical field and requirements pedagogues and parents have to face daily.

The experts in our advanced training courses are there to

  • give impulses and ideas for the children’s educational process
  • convey working techniques, technical knowledge and new realizations
  • discuss current issues on the work with children
  • give the opportunity to question and reflect on your own role