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Kinderbüro Universität Wien

Communicating Knowledge through Games

The children’s office constructs together with technicians and graphic designers online tools for learning.

Internet hero - a PC game for digital literacy

In cooperation with the faculty of information technologies of the University of Vienna, the field of entertainment computing developed an online game throughout the last two years. This game was built to communicate PC knowledge, as a contribution to digital literacy for children and teenagers around Austria. Netidee.at did not only support the making process of the project but also the completed one in the year 2015. Www.Internet-hero.at

650 clicks - experiencing 650 of history while playing

In the year 2015 Vienna university celebrated 650 anniversary, a year were special steps were taken to connect the university with the public. One of these projects is called “650 klicks” In this game you cannot only experience the universities history but built your own university! The Project is realized in cooperation with the entertainment computing department, information technologies facility of the University of Vienna and will be published online in 2015.