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Innovations and Projects

BIDZ- „Bildungsprojekte im digitalen Zeitalter“ education projects in the digital age.

The BIDZ develops educational projects which advance t for social workers especially the ones working with children and teenager, and pedagogues. Focusing on projects that not only use digital and mobile technologies but also combine and further develop them.

The goal of this connecting project is to achieve a joint strategy and a targeted procedure together with stakeholders from educational and Industrial backgrounds (Hardware, Software, publishers). The higher goal is to involve modern technologies in Austrian children’s and youth work and to coordinate them for extracurricular studying and therefore reach a new level.


This project is funded by the ministry of Family and youth and in realized in cooperation with Adib Reyhani and Patrick Zöhrer


The children’s office works together with graphic designers and engineers on the realization of an Online Newspaper tool for children. Children are encouraged to use the internet as a publishing space for their ideas with respecting copy right regulations.

The project is going to be realized in 2015 and supported by www.netidee.at

For any further information visit: www.kinderuni.at/epapermaker

Completed projects


At Austria’s elementary schools programming and coding is not to be found in regular schedules. Although the job of a programmer will be more and more important and demanded in the near future.  In Codestudio workshops were developed to not only show children programming work but also let them try programming themselves. The pilot project were joined by more than 80 children. This project was initiated and supported by Wirtschaftsagentur Wien (www.wirtschaftsagentur.at)