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Kinderuni Activities

The Children’s Office organizes "projects of inspiration for science" for children. Science means to be curious and asking questions. Children are curios and ask a lot of questions. So it's obvious to combine a children's curiosity with scientific curiosity.

The Children’s Office enables children to engage with science and humanities and the people behind those. Innovative projects create and open up spaces which allow children to experience science and humanities. During Vienna Children’s University, the gates of Viennese Universities open for 4,000 children between the ages of 7 and 12. There in lecture, seminar rooms or laboratories, children gain insights into different fields of studying.There is also a "WissenschaftsSpielplatz"which is a playground,where not only children get independendly in touch with scientific content through playing,but also adults.

However, communicating science happens outside the university, too. With the Children’s University Express, children can do research and discover science on a train. In the framework of Children’s University on Tour Kinderuni on Tour, children engage with science and humanities in public spaces like parks.  We also aim to approach children who might have difficulties in accessibility to university and research. 

Within the "KinderuniFerien", Children can be fascinated through games and fun activities. Here the children will be looked after the whole day or whole week.

With ECFUN the Children’s Office implements a multilingual science portal in cyberspace. universi-was? – the Children’s University Science Journal carries science home into the child’s room and the bookshelf.