Universität Wien
Kinderbüro Universität Wien

Haus der Neugierdsnasen 2017/18

The kindergarten "Haus der Neugierdsnasen" is situated at the Campus of the University of Vienna.
Children are explorer and discoverer. They like to explore their environment - and we want to do it together with them. At this the focus is on curiosity, asking questions and astonishment.

Nursery "Haus der Neugierdsnasen"
Alser Straße 4
Hof 1 - Objekt 1.13.1
1090 Wien

Number of children
8 children in the morning units - 8 children in the afternoon unis

Age of children
6 months to 18 months

Opening Hours
Half Day Care
Tuesday to Friday: 4h in the morning (from 8:30)
Monday to Thursday: 4h in the afternoon

Kindergarten Year
Summer break: 3 week (July/August) 
For additional holidays please see the parents notice board in the kindergarten.