Universität Wien
Kinderbüro Universität Wien

Haus der Neugierdsnasen 2017/18

The kindergarten "Haus der Neugierdsnasen" is situated at the Campus of the University of Vienna.
Children are explorer and discoverer. They like to explore their environment - and we want to do it together with them. At this the focus is on curiosity, asking questions and astonishment.

Alser Straße 4
Hof 1 - object 1.13.1
1090 Vienna

Number of Children
14 Children 

3 - 6 years

Care times
Monday – Thursday: 7:45 - 16:00 
Friday: 7:45 –  15:00

Term start: middle of August
Term end: middle of July
For additional holidays please see the notice board

Aim of this kindergarden is to alleviate everyday life of parents working at university, especially parents working at the University of Vienna, offering high-quality and reliable child care for children at the age of 3 to 6 years.