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About us

The Children’s Office sees itself as a platform of ideas and projects. It realizes new projects in cooperation with others.

Abilities, activities, people and principles:

Pool of Ideas Children's Office – Development of innovative formats of science communication
We focus on education, knowledge, curiosity and enthusiasm, diversity and variety, voluntariness and participation are primary elements for us! In our science communication  projects , children can have a go with experimenting, asking  questions, laughing, studying, thinking and being astonished.
Project of reference: KinderuniWien – Concept and continuing development

Open and equal access – outreach programmes
We take science to the  people, our goal is to also reach children and teenagers from educationally disadvantaged backgrounds. This hapens in cooperation with a varied network of partners reaching from (extracurricular) streetwork to park supervision and youth centres.
Project of reference: Kinderuni on Tour – idea and implementation

Complex content understandably transformed  for children and teenagers
We translate scientific and science-oriented content  in an easy understandable form so children and teenagers are able to understand scientific relations.Furthermore we communicate them in different types of media – from books to websites.
Project of reference: www.demokratiewerkstatt.at, the children's internet portal of the Austrian Parliament – design and content supervision

Open up spaces for children and teenagers, and discover those with them
Staff in organisations from science, culture,companies and politics shape children's and teenagers' futures and act in areas which are closed for children and teenagers. We open those spaces not only for them, we bring decision makers, children and teenagers together.
Project of reference: Youth parliament, on behalf of the Austrian Parliament – development and monitoring

Education in children’s groups and holiday programs
Parents need support when it comes to reconciling their professional lives or studies with child care – also at universities, especially for babies, and when schools are closed. We accompany children from baby age on, and not only help reconcile children and professional life, but also help children become happy, attentive and self-confident individuals.
Project of reference: Child groups Staunemäuse, Forscherflöhe, Uniküken, Unispatzen, Neugierdsnasen, a service for students and employees at the University of     Vienna – development and operation

Pedagogically informed child care in business companies and at events
Child care where it is needed. We act in a situation-oriented way and adapt to local conditions and the needs of children and parents, without forgetting about the children's well-being, fun and enjoyment.
Project of reference: Flying Nanny – development of the offer and implementation

Continuing quality development and international networking
Having developed out of the University of Vienna, we follow academic values and principles. Scientifically informing our work, cooperation with experts from different fields, interdisciplinarity and international networking are the defining quality elements of our work.
Project of reference: European Children's Universities Network www.eucu.net – initiative and coordination

Original and lateral thinking with children – this is what we learn from, and like to let ourselves be lead by it
Project of reference: „SiS Catalyst - Children as Change Agents for Science in Society“ – promoted by the European committee with 16 worldwide partners based on the ideas of the Children´s Office

The Children's Office is a spin off company of the University of Vienna and acts – after a project phase of several years – as an independent non-profit limited company since 2006, implementing innovations on the regional, national and international level at the interface of science and society on a project-funded basis.